Association for Culture and Tourism

The „Association for Culture and Tourism“ in Búč was founded in 1999. This voluntary grouping of individuals from the village known for fishing, horse riding or regional cuisine specialties is represented by the Chairwoman, Mrs. Eszter Szobi, which is one of its founders.

Our main goal and mission is to contribute to the protection and development of cultural heritage through culture and tourism. In addition, we organize seminars, conferences for all who are interested in the cultural life of the region of southern Slovakia. Everyone who agrees with its mission, goals and activities of its work and wants to support our work can become an active member of our civic association.

Podporujeme znak kvality - Regio Danubiana Within the project „Rural Tourism in the Danube Basin“ of the Rural Development Programme SR 2007 - 2013 funded by the European Union (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: „Europe investing in rural areas.“ ) we created a trade mark „REGIO DANUBIANA.“ We want to grant it to services (in accommodation and food), consumer products and natural and agricultural products or works of folk and traditional arts and crafts that meet the criteria and principles for the granting and use of the trade mark „REGIO DANUBIANA“.

By granting and use of the sign we want to raise the profile of our region in Slovakia and abroad, to encourage producers and service providers in the Danube region who operate efficiently, with emphasis on the cultivation and preservation of local, regional traditions.

The aim of the sign of quality is to contribute to the development of the tourism by the fact that the sign guarantees the origin of the goods or services in the region, represents the quality and nature of direct overlaps with the nature of the region.

The trade mark „REGIO DANUBIANA“ can be granted to accommodation / catering facilities, which operate in the Danube region, respectively to products and products from the region. The sign can be used under contract with the granter also by other natural and legal persons (travel agencies, tourist information centers, government, NGOs, regional press and TV, internet info-channels, museums, galleries, etc..) located in the region of Danube, where such use supports the promotion, presentation and quality reputation of the trade mark „REGIO DANUBIANA“. In this particular use of the trade mark is noted the accompanying text: „We support the trade mark REGIO DANUBIANA“.