Folk costumes of the Danube region

In the „Association for Culture and Tourism“ we are already over a decade devoted to maintaining traditions and folklore in the regions of Slovakia with Hungarian minority. We follow the effort of several previous years of our members and supporters, whose goal was to bring the younger generation and others interested in traditional folkcostume. Therefore they began to visit nearby villages, to collect and record the customs, practices in apparel; gradually the idea was born to create a collection of folk dolls clad in traditional costumes from each village from the region. We were lucky to work with folk artists and craftsmen, who over many years created whole families of dolls.

Currently we present on traveling exhibitions, but also in an exposotion of costumed dolls (Búč) wich are accurate, scaled copies of the traditional folk costumes from more than forty villages in Slovakia. The dolls have come a long journey: they have been already presented in over 250 exhibitions both at home and abroad - from the world exhibition EXPO 2000 in Hannover, to our smallest villages ...

During the many years of collecting, unfortunately some of our folk artists left us forever, but they also left us a piece of their heart – the heritage of folklore clothing culture. We hope, dear visitors, it will also gain your favor. We bring you therefore a few of the folk costumes from our region.

Traditional red boots are a distinctive addition of folk costumes from Sikenička and from Kamenín with typical short skirts. The bride from Moča is clothed in a solemn black suit, which was usual in recent times; according to a folk tradition: the bride is mourning for her singledom. A bride from Iža, couples from Chotín or the young women and girls from Búč like to be clothed in the traditional costumes of their communities even nowadays.

Members of ensembles regularly perform at various cultural events of our micro-region – we kindly invite you to these events, dear visitors from home and abroad.