International Danubian cycle trail

International Danubian cycle trail
The International Danubian cycle trail is a part of the most famous European cycle trail. It is marked by signs compatible with marking the route in Austria and Germany (rectangular green sign with the name and symbol of the cycle trail and a white logo of a rider).

Section of the route from Komárno to Štúrovo

Length: 50 km Elevation: 26/31 m
The route begins in Komárno, where you can see the historical city center with the major sights. Go east towards the bridge over the Váh River, turn right behind the barrier. After 6 km you reach the village Iža with an archaeological site and national monument - Roman fort Celemantia (1st to 4th century AD). Continue along the embankment. Next to the village Patince you can turn to the thermal spa known for its sulphurous springs. The dam ends in Radvaň nad Dunajom, in part Žitava. In the village of Moča turn right by the church and continue along the asphalt path to the Danube. The path will lead you to Kravany nad Dunajom, from where you can continue on a road directly towards the city of Štúrovo.

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