Nec arte, nec marte

(„Neither by guile, nor by force“- says the inscription on the pedestal of the so called Stone Virgin in the Fortress of Komárno)

For shorter range reconnaissance of the Old and New Fortress of Komárno prepare a pair of sturdy shoes and at least 1.5 hours, we guarantee you a memorable experience. The fortress is the largest bastion fortification in Central Europe. The Old Fortress was founded in the 16th century as a reconstruction of a medieval castle, in the 2nd half of the 17th century it was extended by the New Fortress. In the 19th century it was completed and became one of the largest fortification systems in the Habsburg monarchy, in which was foreseen a positioning for 200 thousand of troops.

Do not miss the trip or the boat cruise at the confluence of the Danube and Váh river... in one of the restaurants on the bank you can expect an excellent lunch (we recommend to try Jókai bean soup). In Komárno - the birthplace of the writer Mór Jókai and composer Franz Lehár - we invite you for a coffee in one of the many cafes in the historic center, with its monumental sacral landmarks, friendly streets and the Europe Place, where the buildings symbolize the common roots of the countries and regions in Europe. As an alternative we offer the thermal baths, the two thermal springs of mineralwater with 37°C temperature have a therapeutic effect on the joints, rheumatism and female disorders.