Roman day

The confluence of rivers Danube and Váh was in the past important strategic point. In the 2nd century old Romans built alongside of the Danube river banks well functioning border protection system called Limes Romanus. We encourage you to take the walk into old ages of Roman time in Roman Lapidarium located in Komárno, continue in museum and Roman soldiers camp in the village of Iža. Here directly on the Danube river you can enjoy the wonderful day, full of experiences, among them riding the horse, making barbecue, playing ball games, fishing, sunbathing, etc. Bicycles for renting and hygienic facilities are to disposal. Children can also enjoy old Roman stories, try traditional crafts, their mothers can learn from local women how to bake traditional cheese cake - „strudel“ from Iža, or everyone just to sit down a bit, taste traditional type of bread – „lángoš“, or fish soup - „halászlé“, or - if lucky, also to meet an ancient Roman soldier.