In the footsteps of St. Urban

Through many generations the art of making wine and enjoying it descended as an obvious part of life in the southern regions of Slovakia. The year was divided according to works in the vineyard, the importance of each reeve was increased not only by his property, but also by his reputation with a unique wine in his cellar and its legendary effect. The wine region of Southern Slovakia is still considered as one of the best. The ideal conditions had been created firstly by nature: a slightly wavy wold with light sandy soil, hot summer and autumn days and mild winters. Later people gradually came to what varieties grow best here, how to refine them to the choicest and most exquisite quality.

Start your wandering around this area in the village of Virt, which is the seat of the Order of the Knights of wines of St. Urban. The members of the Order are managing in 17 villages of the wine circuit of Hurbanovo (in Bajč, Hurbanovo Chotín, Marcelová, Radvaň nad Dunajom, Moč, Kravany nad Dunajom, Búč, Bátorové Kosihy, Modrany, Šrobárová, Dulovce, Pribeta, Sv. Peter, Imeľ, Nesvady and Virt) about 1500 hectares of vineyards. Not only they but also winemakers from the vineyard turf of Strekov tend to ensure the quality of local wines and restore their over three hundred years old good reputation. Taste the fresh Riesling Italico, with the fragrance of linden flowers, which is produced here. And because there are many tastings still waiting for you, on every stop try only one species, although most growers have more sorts to offer. In the production of some wines are these species strictly separated, in others they are stirred under mysterious circumstances... and these recipes are well protected by their owners. An infamous wine is also Müller Thurgau- a wine of vitreous color with a typical Muscat aroma, but also Red Traminer, which name slightly misdirects, since this is a golden yellow wine and has a distinctive strong flavor.

In September you should visit the village of Búč. That is the time of the great grape harvest festival, which has long since grown into the leading event of its kind in the region. The festival united with folklore, traditions and a genuine good humor. If you are offered an excellent Pinot Blanc, certainly do not refuse to taste it. For this golden wine, literally speaking, the older the more beautiful. And when you´re already at the grape harvest festivities, taste some of the red wines. Let say a rare Alibernet, one of the darkest wines in Slovakia. Bátorove Kosihy is one of the other centers of good wine and excellent Blue Lemberger from the local vineyards. Its red, or more accurately a ruby wine resembling the scent of cinnamon and oak ... its supporters say it is like the blood of mature women: if you think that she is sleeping she simmers... Even the Chardonnay wine type is very sought-after, it´s a wine for anyone who likes a wine with a distinctive aroma. A view of a vintner, hardly binding grape shoots in almost endless vineyards of the area, gives the idea that the fact that we can drink, must be a result of almost infinite work. And work is something what could never shame the winemakers from this region.

If it can be said about any town in the region that it is each an expert in wine, it‘s certainly Sv. Peter and Strekov. In Strekov is held annually in July The traditional cellar festival of Strekov, which already has a firm place among domestic and foreign vintners. The region has grown perhaps all good varieties of white and red wines, but also thrives on new, lesser known species. For example, a young Slovak variety Devín, which was registered in the papers of cultivars in 1997, has also managed to make a good name. And let us also mention the remarkable „hajlok“, i.e. wine cellars built directly in the vineyards. From the outside they look like two storied narrow houses with the lower rear part recessed into the hill. This maintains stable climatic conditions for ripening wine which is verified by time. The owner of such a house considers it an honor when even strangers visit his house and he gladly gives a tasting from his wine cellar. Usually there won’t be missing the famous salty scab oil-cakes, you can’t leave without trying them. You will appreciate this combination especially if you drink more than just a symbolic sip ... and if you‘re lucky, the landlord will call the musicians and you will experience real regional entertainment, which will be generous, fiery, sparkling, sprightly, dazzling... exactly such as the local wines.

So: „Cheers, come again and let you be accompanied by St. Urban, the patron of wine growers.“